Naoto Hieda

Live coding performer, Hieda is a Japanese artist based in Cologne, Germany. His research interest lies within algorithmic and procedural expressions bridging neurodiversity, digital media, body movements and analog fabrication.
Live-Codierung Darsteller, Hieda ist ein japanischer Künstler, der in Köln, Deutschland, ansässig ist. Sein Forschungsinteresse liegt in algorithmischen und prozeduralen Ausdrucksformen, die Neurodiversität, digitale Medien, Körperbewegungen und analoge Produktion überbrücken.
Interview in English / Interview auf Englisch


Interview’s summary

Naoto talks about his live coding performance practice with Jorge Guevara, which involves simultaneous movement and video effects that are mixed and remixed on the screen. In his practice, he attempts to emancipate code from its binary productivity pre-conceptions and to improvise with it. He reflects on the use of digital technology, and also about understanding the political implications of developing AI.

Minutes / Questions:

00:10 Min. – When you write code, do you feel like you are communicating/teaching something of yourself to the “computer”?

00:50 Min. – Do you think code is the world’s new main language? Should we all learn how to program?

04:45 Min. – What was your main motivation for writing code? How did live performance come into this practice?

07:15 Min. – Would you like to team up with a real autonomous AI, as in a Performance?

11:10 Min. – Would you welcome “electronic wearable devices” into your practice?

14:25 Min. – When you code is your tangible body, the perception of it, split into a virtual and a real? Like 2 different planes?

17:20 Min. – Do you feel limited/incomplete when you are in real space without external extensions (hardware/software) of your “cyborg” self?

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